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Cagoules for Outdoor Swimming

Clothing for open water adventures and lifeguards

Windows 10 is a Privacy Nightmare

Listening device For security reasons, we've decided to stop using Windows on all our mission critical systems. There will no longer be tech support for Windows. Here is why:

Microsoft introduced a lot of new features in Windows 10 such as Cortana. However, most of them are violating your privacy. You may think it is fine for Microsoft to access this data, but skillful malware hackers can read it too. Is that acceptable?

Data syncing is enabled by default

Your device is by default tagged with a unique advertising ID

Cortana can collect any of your data

Microsoft can collect any personal data

Your data can be shared.

Success Ideas for Business

Your own business is the best way towards success, freedom and a good income. Read more.

 Domain Name Sales   Privacy   Properties   Tech Support